The telephone never stops ringing

Like many of his colleagues Matthijs has worked at Koornstra & Co in De Lier for quite some time now. He once started in a part-time job in the warehouse, some twenty years ago. As the sales manager he is a beacon to others in the commercial department. His telephone never stops ringing. This day, too, it does not take long before one of his customers manages to contact him.
“Matthijs”, he hears when he answers the phone. “Nein, morgen neue Anfuhr. Ja? Oké, bis Morgen!” The call does not last any longer than ten seconds. “Look, that’s the way I like it. Short and simple. Some customers you occasionally talk to ten to fifteen times a day. Then you don’t start asking them every time how they are, what the weather is like and such small-talk.”

“It is important to establish a good relationship with customers.”

– Matthijs van Oosterhout

Knowing where you are with each other

IIn course of time Matthijs has got to know many of the faces behind the voices he has everyday dealings with. “Some customers I see every year, others I haven’t met yet.” According to Matthijs it is important anyhow that you manage to establish a good relationship with your customers, so that you know where you are with each other.

The day begins reasonably early for Matthijs. “Roughly between 6 and 7 a.m. By that time the first orders are often already in our mailbox or in the app. Meanwhile the buyers are updating the purchases of that day. And we also have to deal with the auctions on the day itself. We determine the sale prices of that day and we have people completing and dispatching price lists.
This calls for all kinds of communication in order to make everything run as smoothly as possible.”

Everything, from a to z

In the sales department you need to be someone who does not hesitate to advertise products. “You may have a customer who is calling for peppers, but I may then just have a nice batch of cucumbers ready. Then I try to bring that to the customer’s attention as well and if things go right, to sell it. We literally have everything here from a to z. From apples to zucchini, so to speak, so we have plenty of choice in our product range.”

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