Still sharp after 17 years

In the commercial department of Koornstra & Co you need to stay focused. This is where the purchase and sales take place. Commercial assistant Regillio Reincke has worked for the company since 2002. He focuses mostly on purchase. He has organised his desk neatly with conveniently arranged stacks of paper and lists of notes. His screen shows an email with a contract for a supplier who wants to sell white radish. “In winter we get our white radish from Italy, where this supplier is located also. In such a contract I clearly state the prices we have agreed on, the quality requirements that the products must meet and the quantities we are going to buy”, Regillio explains.

Peak is in the morning

For Regillio and his colleagues the focal point of the day is in the morning. “That’s the time when you may have many different customers and suppliers all calling at once. At such moments you have to be able to resist the stress. Within a period of some sixty to ninety minutes you need to have collected all the prices and have set the sale prices. The peak then lies between 9 a.m. and 12 noon.”

Some English and German

“In the afternoon you are usually involved with some more long-term projects that do not really need to be completed the same day.”
A lot of the communication is in English or in German. “Many of our customers are in German-speaking countries and in the United Kingdom. It goes without saying that you speak some English and German”, says Regillio. “Besides, you need to be able to communicate with people. You regularly have to deal with a lot of customers and suppliers. You need to be able to establish good contact with them. That is essential.”




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– Regillo Reincke

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