Within three years I have learned a great many things

For three years now Simon van den Berg has worked in the commercial department at Koornstra & Co. He started ‘in the warehouse’. “There I first gained some experience for a couple of months and afterwards I moved on to the commercial department. Originally my background is in horticulture. In the end I came here, because I thought this job would be more fun and there are also more opportunities for advancement.”

“The best thing is if you can call a customer a colleague.”

– Simon van den Berg


Getting to know the ropes in the warehouse first

Simon says it is a big advantage that he knows how things in the warehouse usually work. “Everybody who begins here, first works along in the warehouse downstairs for some time to get an idea of what it is we actually do. And also to widen their knowledge of the products that we work with. If you ask me, it is advisable for everybody to start out there and then look around a bit to discover what else we do here, and possibly to make a shift to another department if they want.”

The whole chain in the picture

Simon and his co-workers begin early in the morning by collecting the latest prices of fruit and vegetables that will be traded later. “In the morning you also get a good picture of everything that is available, while keeping in the back of your mind what your customers need.
On the basis of that we ourselves set a price for the products. Then it is time to phone your customers, to inform them and to sell products, of course. It stands to reason that we always try to serve our customers well.”


A nice job with lots of career opportunities

– Simon van den Berg


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