We just take care of it

We always look for solutions together, for together we can do anything. We are straightforward and always take a positive attitude on the shop floor. We have a close relation with the region and feel very strongly about norms and values. At Koornstra & Co you work in easily accessible premises, because our office is located right along the A20. In our canteen we regularly sit down together to discuss matters. We like to go the extra mile for each other and always help colleagues out of a scrape. Whatever the job that needs to be done: we go for it and just take care of it.

The third generation of team work

As far back as in 1931 we made our first deliveries of fruit and vegetables. Since then we have seen tremendous growth. We are perfectly healthy and have seen a great deal of change in our branch of industry. Nevertheless we still apply many of the same basic principles. After all we have been a genuine family business from day one. For three generations now we have worked as a tight-knit team. We know with and who we work for. Many of our relations have arisen back in the generations before us. Even to this day, we still think and act with a long-term view. We are not in this business for fleeting, short-term and impersonal goals, but favour continuity and good relations with our customers and suppliers. The good thing about a family business is that you always pull it off together somehow. For we think in solutions, not in problems.

“The good thing about a
family business is that you always
pull it off together somehow.”

– Koornstra

Our roots in this day and age

Heart and soul

We put our heart and soul into our work and to our company. We feel very strongly about norms and values. That atmosphere is tangible on the shop floor every day.

We are there for each other

We are a really tight-knit team and are always there for each other. Which is absolutely necessary if you want to safeguard quality. We do not only tick off our own chores, but think (and act!) along with our customers and colleagues all the time.

Our word is our bond

For us it goes without saying that we stand by an agreement. We take a serious view of that. Even if we need to go the extra mile: we set great store by our reliability and integrity. We will do whatever it takes to deliver on our promises. That is why you can really depend on us.

Everything is well-arranged

Whatever we do, we like to do it well. Whether it concerns contacts with our customers and suppliers, the way in which we process and check orders to make them ready for dispatch, or the transport or administrative settlement: we arrange everything in a proper, clear and accurate manner. That is how we have ensured satisfied customers for many years now.