The premises

Every morning of his working week Ben de Blij cycles from Delft to the Koornstra & Co premises in de Lier. On his electric bike. “I takes me about thirty minutes. I do so in all sorts of weather”, says the order picker. “But I always enjoy that ride.” Ben’s working day begins around 7.30 a.m. “First I get warmed up with a nice cuppa, of course.” He proudly shows his workplace: the business hall of Koornstra & Co, where there is a perpetual coming and going of all kinds of fruit and vegetables all day long. Ben’s colleagues drive past non-stop with pallets, which they have sorted and built up. We walk past a few boxes of ‘exotics’, as they are called. “You really get to see everything here. When I just started, I didn’t know what I was seeing. I knew what apples and pears were, but that was about it.” Within three years’ time Ben says he has learned a great deal. “I was taught the ropes by three colleagues. They have taught me so many different things. Yet now and then I come across something when I think: now what on earth is that?

Working together with logistics colleagues

When one of Ben’s colleagues in the commercial department has received an order, it is passed on to the colleagues downstairs who are involved with logistics. It is in their office that Ben and his fellow-order pickers collect the orders. “We work together a lot with them.”

The order pickers are responsible for the composition of a pallet on which the
products are stacked firmly on top of each other. “It is important to position the slightly heavier products in the sturdier packagings at the bottom. The lighter goods end up at the top of the pallet.” The order picker also makes sure that the products are wrapped firmly. “Once a pallet is ready, it is loaded onto a truck. Tomatoes and peppers are the fast-moving products at Koornstra.” says Ben, while standing in front of a pallet.




“Always having fun
together on the road.”

– Ben de Blij

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